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The Crystal Bedroom inside the Winchester Mystery House is one of the many areas on our new Explore More Tour that have been off limits to guests for many decades. This once resplendent room was omitted from the tour route to ensure the continued well-being of its most prominent feature.

This bedroom has not been seen on tours in many decades to help slow the deterioration of its walls and ceiling. It’s called the Crystal Bedroom because of the wallpaper, which was heavily flocked and encrusted with crushed mica, a mineral that reflects the light and causes the paper to sparkle when the light hits it.

Crystal Bedroom

Mere photography does not do the wall decor of the Crystal Bedroom justice. If one can imagine the entire room covered in this special wallpaper the effect must have been breathtaking.

Cyrstal Bedroom

When visiting the Crystal Bedroom and adjoining room, guests on the Explore More Tour can touch and hold artifacts from the house including beautiful ceramic tiles and samples of wall coverings.

Crystal Bedroom Artifact

Crystal Bedroom Artifact

Crystal Bedroom Artifact