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If recent events have you feeling unsettled, remember that you’re not alone. It’s normal to feel upset during times of economic, social, or political upheaval. The resiliency of the human

SAN JOSE, CA – Updated March 16th, 2020:

In an abundance of caution and for the safety & well being of our visitors and staff, the Winchester Mystery House

Tours at the Winchester Mystery House

Exploring the famous must-see areas of Sarah Winchester’s Victorian-Style mansion

Construction lasted for thirty-eight years on the Winchester Mystery House, one of North America’s most unusual and eccentric homes

Renovation Complete – Honoring Sarah’s Architectural Tastes in a Modern Day Fashion

In early January of 2020, the Winchester Mystery House completed an eight-month restoration of one of the

axe throwing coach showing how to throw an axe at the target

One of the most commonly used modern tools actually originated in prehistoric times. The multi-purpose tool was created for hunting, chopping, and everything in between. The simple design of

image of a stained glass window at sarah winchesters beautiful estate

Combination of Research and Serendipity Solves 90-year Riddle

One of the mysteries that surrounds Sarah Winchester’s beautiful San Jose mansion is the origin of its stunning stained-glass windows. Not that


Haunted legends and supernatural lore are well-suited to the Winchester Mystery House. Under construction for 38 years by Sarah Winchester to allegedly appease the spirits of those lost to the

a ghostly appearance at the winchester mystery house

Mystery is a well-earned middle name for this San Jose Victorian mansion built by owner Sarah Pardee Winchester to, allegedly, appease spirits— specifically those who had fallen to the famous

Winchester Mystery House at sunset

Even by today’s more accepting standards, Sarah Pardee Winchester might be considered an enigma. After all, think about a neighbor that moves in and secures the perimeter of her yard

“This is the richest valley in the world …”    

That’s how one U.S. senator described Silicon Valley—only it wasn’t the personal wealth of the region that Chauncey M. Depew was

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