The Premier Halloween haunt is back this fall

Unhinged: Housewarming

Winchester Mystery House presents a new terrifying chapter, Unhinged: Housewarming. Available for select nights only, experience the Winchester Mystery House’s most haunting immersive walkthrough! 

Series of Events

Arrive To The Event of The Century
Enjoy The Lavish Front Garden Party
Enter The Haunt Inside The Mansion
Brave The Outdoor Scare Zone
Explore Our New Halloween Museum
Shop Our Mercantile for Exclusive Spooky Merch


General Admission Tickets : 

All ticket holders receive access to venture through one route of the immersive indoor haunt and can experience our thrilling outdoor show featuring an outside scare zone, limited time Halloween museum, interactive games, food and drinks, sideshow entertainers, and themed photo opportunities.

RIP Tickets:

Discover the ultimate haunt experience with our RIP tickets. The ticket holder will gain early arrival to the estate and unlock expedited access through two haunt routes. As an added bonus, you will receive an RIP Unhinged limited edition lanyard, a complimentary drink voucher, an Unhinged shirt for a haunting keepsake, and a coupon for 10% off in our mercantile.


*Please Note RIP Ticket Availability is Extremely Limited

You are invited

Miles and Flora Taylor, an esteemed Hollywood couple, have taken residence of the infamous Winchester Mystery House and extended you an invitation to the grandest housewarming event of the century. But beware, as the night progresses a mysterious air settles in, revealing that there is more to this gathering than meets the eye.

Lavish Garden Party

The festivities of the night commence with Miles and Flora’s Lavish Garden Party. As the sun sets and darkness surrounds the estate, you will be drawn into a world where the line between reality and imagination blurs.

Prepare yourself, as once you cross the threshold, there is no turning back.

The Haunt

A seemingly innocent home, purchased by a curious couple, conceals a haunting nightmare. As they settle in, strange occurrences begin to unravel as the ghosts of former residences make their presence felt. Prepare yourself for a descent into madness as the spirits will lead you deeper into the twisted past.

Will you dare to confront what lurks within the halls of the home?

Estate Activities

Beware the Mists

beware the mists

Beware the Mists is a new outdoor scare zone that will be haunting all nights of Unhinged: Housewarming. Venture into the shadowy realm where terror lurks at every corner under the open night sky.

Halloween Museum

Halloween Museum

Immerse yourself in a world of nostalgia as you explore a mesmerizing collection of vintage Halloween decor, artifacts, and memorabilia. From hauntingly charming paper decorations and intricately crafted lanterns to bewitching costumes and masks that once adorned the festive revellers of yesteryears, our exhibits offer a time-traveling journey into the cherished traditions of Halloween.

Lavish Garden Party

Lavish Garden Party

Step into the night with Miles and Flora's Lavish Garden Party. Prepare to be fully immersed in their grand celebration, brimming with sideshow entertainment, interactive games, themed photo opportunities and 1920s themed food & drinks.

Cafe 13

Cafe 13

Looking to grab a bite before or after the show? Cafe 13 in the main courtyard will serve a variety of delicious food & dessert items! Along with serving creepy cocktails and bewitching beverages all nights of Unhinged: Housewarming.

Unhinged Select Nights


  • The experience is dimly lit and includes loud sounds, special effects, atmospheric fog, and strobe effects. 
  • Some scenes may be too intense for young children or the faint of heart.
  • Expect many stairs and narrow passageways, so it’s not recommended for expectant mothers or guests with asthma, heart conditions, seizures, or physical/medical conditions.
  • Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult guardian.
  • No outside food or drinks are allowed.
  • Smoking and open flames are prohibited on the estate.
  • Photography and video recording during the show are not permitted.
  • Flashlights, laser lights, and any forms of illumination are prohibited.
  • Intoxicated guests or those presenting safety hazards won’t be admitted or may be asked to leave.
  • All guests and belongings are subject to additional security screening upon entering the estate. Large bags and backpacks are not allowed.
  • Your ticket is a revocable license, and admission may be refused upon refund of the purchase price.
  • Ticket holders acknowledge all risks associated with the experience and agree to abide by all rules and instructions.
  • We reserve the right to stop the Unhinged experience at any time. Failure to follow posted rules or staff directions may result in removal from the estate without a refund.

No, Unhinged: Housewarming is not a tour. It’s an immersive indoor and outdoor experience with various elements. Inside, guests embark on a suspenseful walk-through journey with state-of-the-art special effects, professional actors, and disturbing scenes. Outside, you’ll find strolling entertainments, interactive games, our new Halloween museum, an outside scare zone and 1920s themed food & drinks. Many historical aspects of the home won’t be visible during the show, so we recommend exploring the daily Mansion Tour to learn about the house’s history. 

No, Unhinged: Housewarming is an entirely new experience. It features a fresh storyline, characters, and scares throughout both the house and the estate.

To fully enjoy the experience, we recommend planning at least 2 hours on the property.

Yes! Visit our bars and enjoy craft cocktails. Additionally, delicious concessions and fall treats are available at Cafe 13.

Yes, the show includes imagery and themes that may not be suitable for children under 13. Children under 13 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during the Unhinged experience. For younger children, we recommend our daytime tours.

Yes, costumes are encouraged! Unhinged: Housewarming will transport guests back to the prohibition era, and we hope everyone to dress up for the occasion. 

Please note the following guidelines for costumes:

  • Costumes presenting safety hazards for guests or staff will not be allowed.
  • Costumes may not contain weapons resembling or easily mistaken for actual weapons.
  • Sharp objects, pointed materials, or anything that may accidentally strike another guest are not permitted in costumes.
  • Costumes should not reach or drag on the ground.
  • Layered or full-body costume props are strongly discouraged and may be subject to additional security screening.
  • Masks and face painting are not allowed to ensure clarity between actors and guests. However, headwear may be worn if it does not cover the face.

Yes, we have two complimentary parking lots available. One is directly on the property and the other is directly behind the Winchester Mystery House. We advise larger vehicles and RVs to utilize the lot located behind the mansion. If both parking lots are full, you can find additional parking located at Santana Row.

*Please be aware that Olsen Drive does not permit on-street parking, and towing or ticketing may occur.

Guests with pre-printed tickets or e-tickets can enter through the main gates.

Please arrive at the start time indicated on your ticket.  After the security check point you will be directed to the outdoor show, Miles & Flora’s Lavish Garden Party, where you will enjoy food, drinks, and a variety of sideshow entertainment before you enter the indoor haunt.

Unfortunately, the house and grounds are not pet friendly. The only animals allowed are service dogs.

As a historic home, it is not currently wheelchair accessible.

This experience features many stairs, narrow passageways, loud sounds, special effects, atmospheric fog, and strobe effects. It is not recommended for expectant mothers and guests suffering from asthma, heart conditions, seizures or any type of physical or medical condition.

  • Be sure to purchase your tickets in advance. It is possible that we will sell out before we open each haunt night. 
  • Visit on a Thursday or Sunday! These are the best days to avoid larger crowds. Purchase a RIP ticket (if available) to skip the line!
  • Guests should arrive no more than 15 minutes before their event entry time.
  • Parking on the estate is limited, so consider carpooling, rideshare or try overflow parking at Santana Row.