In The Good Old Summertime at Winchester Mystery House

Sarah Winchester was known to be somewhat of a recluse during her days in San Jose. Nonetheless, she was beloved by her staff and was remarkably kind to the neighborhood kids. Summer was an especially special time at Mrs. Winchester’s estate as many of the fruit orchards were in bloom and the bronze sun of summer cast a wonderful sepia tone over her beautiful and fanciful home.

The height of summer and the sunny month of July is a special time at the Winchester Mystery House. It harkens back to an era when the air was filled with ragtime music emanating from a hand-cranked Victrola, the horse and buggy was transitioning to something called an automobile and homes were being fitted with the then new electric light.

Today, the month of July is not only noted for our Independence Day celebrations but it is also officially known as National Ice Cream Month. This too has a connection back to Mrs. Winchester, who used to host ice cream socials on her front porch and lawn for the neighboring children. Ironically, although she was officially the hostess, she never attended and left the hosting duties and coordination to her staff!