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Axe Throwing – At the Stables

One of the most commonly used modern tools actually originated in prehistoric times. The multi-purpose tool was created for hunting, chopping, and everything in between. The simple design of a single (or double) headed blade of either rock, stone, or iron, on a wooden handle, has remained relatively unchanged throughout world history. Axe throwing as a competitive sport, however, has only started to grow in popularity in recent years.

Where there is smoke, there is fire.

There is minimal scientific data to support the origin of axe throwing as a sport; however, where there is smoke, there is fire. Rather, where there are axes, there are people trying to throw them at targets. It’s easy to suggest that early primitive societies participated in axe throwing as a means of fun. There is, however, historical evidence that competitive axe throwing was present in European countries during the middle ages. England, Scotland, Ireland, Sweden, and many others were some of the first documented nations to adopt axe throwing as a sport.

A guest throwing an axe at the target at the winchester mystery house

Flash Forward a Few Hundred Years

Competitive Axe Throwing has risen in popularity across the globe in the last 10 years. The World Axe Throwing League (WATL) was founded in 2017, and has become the governing body and league for urban axe throwing. With over 19 different nations as official WATL members, it’s clear that the new-old sport is increasing in popularity. Not only are there axe throwing locations around the world, they are even appearing in bars. And yes, it’s much safer than you may think!

In August of 2019, the Winchester Mystery House opened Axe Throwing – At the Stables. The custom outdoor lanes were built to WATL standards, and has been extremely popular for guests who are waiting for their tour to start. The Winchester Mystery House is the only axe throwing location in the Southern Bay Area, and guests are able to walk in and try their hand.

Axe throwing at the winchester mystery house

While we can’t say for sure, Axe Throwing may have been something that Sarah Winchester’s workers participated in while working on her elusive estate. The constant construction over 38 years required many tools, and axes were used in the construction of the massive mansion.

Axe Throwing is a fun sport to try. Our axe-pert (see what we did there) coaches will guide you through your throwing experience. Compete against your friends or family on individual throws, or book a private lane for you and your team.

Axe Throwing – At the Stables, is open during regular operating hours at the Winchester Mystery House. The best part? No wait list.