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The Legend of Sarah Winchester

With the start of a new year, new things are around the corner! We’re mere weeks away from the world premiere of the feature film, ‘Winchester’, and we thought it would be a great time to showcase the leading lady herself, Sarah Winchester!
As many have seen, the film depicts a ghostly tone that goes into the paranormal sides of Sarah Winchester’s mysterious story. Now, much like our tours on the estate have noted, not much is known about this reclusive lady of the labyrinth.

The Legend of Sarah Winchester

However, what we do know, is quite amazing. Sarah Winchester, or before she married into the family, Sarah Lockwood Pardee, married William Wirt Winchester, the second owner of the Winchester Rifle Company. Sarah and William lived in New Haven, Connecticut, where they had their first and only child, Annie.

Now, this is where the story takes a sad, somber turn to what we all know today: shortly after birth, it was realized that Annie had Marasmus, a protein disorder that disallowed her body to properly digest food. Soon after birth, Annie passed away. This would be the first tragedy in her life.

Years later, William passed away to tuberculosis. Her one true love in this world was gone.

When you’re a distraught woman who lost her daughter and her husband, and in a time that started to see a rise in spiritual mediums and mentalists claiming to allow you to speak to the other side, and with a woman who, at her time, spoke multiple languages and was ahead of her time, it’s to no surprise she would tackle this latest trend.