Just In Time For Halloween, Tours Now Showcase Costumes From The Upcoming Film “Winchester”

The final stop for many tours at the Winchester Mystery House is the Venetian Dining Room. Aside from its Italian motif, ornate ceilings, leaded glass windows, and marble fireplace mantle, the space now boasts the costumes worn by the cast of the upcoming movie, WINCHESTER.

Showcase Costumes From The Upcoming Film

A supernatural thriller (rated PG-13), the new film is due in theaters nationwide on February 2, 2018. It’s a tension-packed paranormal journey based on true events. The film is sure to shed new light on some unanswered questions and dark mysteries surrounding the house and Sarah Winchester’s construction of it.

Now on display in the Venetian Dining Room are a few of the actual costumes worn by the lead characters in the film, featuring the central figure of the film – Sarah Winchester herself, portrayed by Oscar ® winner Helen Mirren. Also included on display are costumes for the characters of Sarah’s niece Marion (played by Sarah Snook) and her son Henry and psychiatrist Eric Price (played by Jason Clarke), plus two of the house servants.

The costume designs are drawn from the Victorian period, the dominant style in 1906, the year in which the film takes place and a milestone year of significant change here on the estate due to the great San Francisco earthquake.

These costumes can now be seen on all three of our popular tours – Mansion Tour, Explore More Tour and Hallowe’en Candlelight Tour. We’re sure the display will spark the curiosity of our tour guests for WINCHESTER, making our guests just as excited as we are to see the film when it debuts in theaters nationwide on February 2, 2018.