Walk With Spirits Tour

Do you believe in ghosts?  Are unexplained happenings simply tricks of the mind, or something more? Join us for a special experience in the shadows of Winchester Mystery House that explores the legendary estate’s supernatural lore on the all new Walk With Spirits Tour.  Roam the expansive grounds of the world’s most famous haunted mansion, hear tales of its former and possibly current inhabitants, and peer through the many windows and doors to see what might materialize…provided you’re open to receiving the signs. The Walk With Spirits Tour runs Wednesday – Sunday beginning at 8:00 PM. Timed tickets to allow for social distancing are on sale now! Note: This experience takes place on a linear outdoor path throughout the Estate’s gardens and trails in compliance with current State COVID-19 guidelines. 

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Sites & Sounds

Roam the expansive gardens of the world’s most famous haunted mansion and hear thirteen spooky tales from throughout the home’s mysterious past. Come visit and hear chilling tales for hot summer nights at the Winchester Mystery House. Garden access only due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Nighttime Experience

Paranormal legends have followed Sarah Winchester and her illustrious estate throughout history. Are these stories simply folklore or something beyond explanation? Join the Winchester Mystery House on an all-new nighttime experience that explores the home’s supernatural lore on the Walk With Spirits Tour.

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