Walk With Spirits Tour


Experience the Winchester Mystery House’s all new daily tour – Walk with Spirits – and explore the paranormal as explained through the Spiritualism movement. During the Walk With Spirits Tour, guests will attend the wake for a departed soul in the parlor of the home, ascend to the third floor to experience a Victorian era seance and end in the dark and foreboding basement. 

This unique tour takes you beyond the ordinary, exploring areas of the house that you don’t see during the daily mansion tour.

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Walk With Spirits

Tour FAQs

We offer the Mansion Tour for guests to learn about the amazing woman at the heart of this home, and to see all the bizarre architectural designs and mysterious elements of the Winchester Mystery House. However, customer feedback and experience has informed us that many of our guests are interested in the topics of spiritualism and the paranormal. The new Walk with Spirits Tour focuses on the Victorian mourning rituals, the spiritualism movement and delves into some of the paranormal experiences of guests and staff over the past 100 years. This tour also takes you through different rooms which are not seen on the Mansion Tour.

While no one could ever prove or disprove the presence of the paranormal, there are many years of history within these walls, and we encourage you to come feel it for yourself.

While we do cover some spirit folklore and stories associated with the Winchester Mystery House, the Walk with Spirits Tour is not a haunt or theme park-like experience. The tour guides will not prank, frighten, or reenact scary scenes. If you do believe in spirits, we never guarantee a spiritual experience of your own. If you don’t, you are still welcome as our stories are an interesting part of our lore!

Due to the inclusion of the basement and the third floor, which require safety helmets, it is recommended that children must be 5 and up and be able to walk unassisted. Some kids could find it scary, but most define us as creepy.  Any parent that is worried should consider the Mansion Tour instead. Our Tour Guides do try to be attuned to the needs of guests (big and little) and do their best to support an anxious person.

This is not a haunt. Guides share the real stories of spiritualists, real Victorian mourning traditions, and past staff and guests’ experiences with the unexplained.  There are no jump scares and we do not manufacture products to generate ghosts/scares/fear.  There is a use of audio-visual and set dressing to help immerse guests into the late 1800s.

You’ll witness dramatic recreations of historic spiritualistic practices. If you’re a little nervous about possible contact with the spirit world, or the idea of entities following you home, don’t worry–in our experience over the decades, any spirits that gravitate toward Sarah’s home are a peaceful lot, and seem content to remain here.  Anyone who feels reluctant is free to remain in the background and observe our dramatic reenactment.

We cannot guarantee any ghosts on tour. Any tour that guarantees activity is not authentic. We do travel to areas on tour that are reportedly the most active according to mediums, guests, and staff. We encourage you to bring a camera and any other paranormal research equipment you have at your disposal to detect any activity that may occur.