A Sneakthief in the Winchester Mystery House

With it’s mostly perpetual sunshine, glorious beaches, pastoral farmlands and vineyards, cosmopolitan cities and beautiful national parks, most people don’t think of California as an ideal setting for a horror story. People have a tendency to think of the colonial mansions of the East coast and antebellum homes of the South as perfect locales for a scary tale. However, Winchester Mystery House stands out as the West coast’s premiere “haunted” mansion backed by one of America’s most enduring ghost stories.

Recently Winchester Mystery House participated in the Midsummer Scream Halloween Festival at the Long Beach Convention Center. At this very popular celebration of all things autumn, frights and All Hallows Eve fun, Walter Magnuson (General Manager of Winchester Mystery House) sat down with Sneakthief Media for an interview about what’s new and exciting at Sarah Winchester’s magnificent home, its legendary backstory, and the highly anticipated return of the home’s popular Hallowe’en Candlelight Tour. It’s an interesting look at a legitimately haunted place in California. After all, Time Magazine has ranked us one of the “Top Ten Most Haunted Places in America.”