The House Fear Built

The following excerpts and personal accounts are summaries of actual and unexplained experiences of past and present employees, guests, members of the press, and psychic researchers while inside the Winchester Mystery House™. These are but a few of the experiences that continue to evolve from Sarah Winchester's World Famous Victorian mansion.

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Recent Incidents

We went to the winchester mystery house a few days ago and we took a lot of pictures. well we just got the pictures back and there was a figure of a woman in one of them. it was very creepy.
08/03/06, 5:15PM at the Sarah Winchester Bedroom by BMR

I was walking by the carriage entrance at about sunset when I thought I had seen a shadow from inside. When I looked again it was gone and thought maybe the sun had cast a shadow down from the tree's. As I got closer to entrance, there was a cold feeling that came across me; it was a colder feeling then just the weather, as if I had past through that shadow that I thought I saw. When I looked back there stood an old woman smiling at me and pointing me in the direction of the house, as if I was a guest of some event lost and she was helping me get back to the party. When I looked at the house and then back again she was gone.
11/10/09, 5:15PM at the Carriage Entrance by Michael Bracco

We were not the tour where this happened but we heard the tour before ours on of the cabinets in Sarah's seance room opened by itself. Someone screamed that carried through the entire house which is how we learned of the disturbance. We asked a woman who was on the tour what had happened. She said the cabinet opened slowly to reveal the 13 hooks that held the robes Sarah used for her seance. Needless to say they rushed through the rest of the tour.
01/21/08, 4:15PM at the Seance Room by Rex L.

We wanted to share this interesting picture with your readers. In August of 2007 my wife and I went to the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. The attached picture was taken with our digital camera a little after 1 pm. This was taken in the room named the “25,000 Dollar room”, that contained a lot of unused decorations and stained-glass windows. While scrolling thought the pictures I noticed something different. To the left of the white post in the middle of the picture is the shadow of someone or something wearing a hat.
11/11/07, 1:00PM at the $25,000 Storeroom by Diane P.

While on vacation from Nevada my family and I visited the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. We walked through the house which was absolutely beautiful. When we entered the kitchen the smell of baking filled the air. After our trip around the estate we asked our tour guide if they still used the kitchen in the house. She informed us that it has not been used in 80 years.
08/01/09, 11:30AM at the Front Kitchen by Diane P.

Claire, our tour guide, stopped our tour when we heard the sound of hammering coming from above the ballroom. She left us for about 5 minutes as she called security on a nearby phone in the house. While she never mentioned that anything was ever wrong, she did say that the room above the ballroom was off limits to all workers and guests of the mansion. Draw your own conclusions but it was loud and constant.
10/12/08, 10:00AM at the Grand Ballroom by BeccaJay125

On our tour on December 24, 2003 we witnessed a woman's face appear in one of the Tiffany glass jeweled windows. I am not a religious person who believes in God or the afterlife but I know what I saw and I will never come back again.
11/24/06, 10:00AM at the $25,000 Storeroom by GannonLee

I heard another tour pass by, being very noisy. I was curious, so I glanced down the hall and there wasn't any group. I could hear them, but I couldn't see them. I thought maybe they were in another hallway, but it seemed as though they were right in the room with us.
11/01/07, 2:30AM at the Seance Room by Cindy G.

I saw a horse rustling around, but I couldn't hear it. It was like watching a silent movie. This horse was agitated and visibly so, but it wasn't making any noise. It had me a bit dazed for the rest of the tour.
09/01/08, 2:15AM at the Carriage Entrance by James L.

I went there on a Halloween night several years ago for flashlight tour shortly before or after midnight. I’d been there before without event. I was stunning in a silver ball gown hoop dress. I was about 19. I’m 28 now. The tour guide said that cold could indicate a spirit and that in the next room several people had felt their hair pulled. I thought that was ridiculous. So, in that room, I was standing agains the wall, when I felt suddenly chilled on my shoulders and then found myself scream “ouch” out loud because several pieces of my hair were sharply yanked upwards in a swift and painful movement. My head was against the wall and those next to me had hands to themselves. It was very painful. I’m not a big believer in ghosts being able to touch people, but something happened.
07/31/06, 12:00AM at the Hall-of-Fires by Rhonda Dolen

When I returned home from my visit to the WMH I had many dreams of ghosts dancing in the ballroom. I don’t know exactly what this means, but I plan on returning next year to find out.
04/11/09, 6:30PM at the Grand Ballroom

Can you explain how it can be pouring rain less than ¼ mile from the house, and perfectly sunny directly over the house?
07/20/08, 3:15AM at the Hall-of-Fires

The best time to visit the Winchester Mystery House is Halloween. It’s an experience that you will never forget.
01/18/09, 3:15AM at the Hall-of-Fires

When I walked past the stairs that go no where I heard a whisper: “No exit, no exit, no exit.”
08/09/07, 3:15AM at the Linen Room

My friends dared me to keep my eyes closed during the tour of The Winchester Mystery House. During the time I felt like something was gently guiding me from room to room. I have never experienced anything like this before, or anything like it since.
09/11/07, 3:15AM at the Servant Call Station

Every time that I visit the house, I feel, or see something different. Sometimes it’s a chill down my back, other times a strange reflection in a mirror or I hear a muted voice when no one is around.
09/20/08, 3:15AM at the Morning Room

After visiting the WMH I am a believer that spirits exist.
03/11/09, 3:15AM at the Grand Ballroom

I don’t believe that the house is haunted in the traditional sense. I think that spirits visit the house, because Sarah Winchester was receptive to this. I think the spirits don’t want to harm, they have things to communicate. We need to learn how to listen.
08/20/08, 3:15AM at the $25,000 Storeroom

When I was young girl, I had a pony that I loved. He died a long time ago. I swear that when I entered the stable at the Winchester Mystery House I felt the spirit of my long-gone horse. It was an experience that I will never forget.
12/20/08, 3:15AM at the $25,000 Storeroom

You want to come in touch with beings from the afterworld, than you must visit on a Friday the 13th.
04/20/08, 3:15AM at the $25,000 Storeroom

The ballroom is the best place to catch a glimpse of a spirit.
05/20/08, 3:15AM at the $25,000 Storeroom

I’ve been to most of the “haunted houses” in the United States and the Winchester Mystery House has the most inhabitants from the spirit world. I plan on visiting again.
06/20/09, 3:15AM at the $25,000 Storeroom

I highly recommend one of the special night tours. When all you have is a flashlight and the moon to light the way you can you use your other senses more. You can feel every being that has wandered through the halls of The Winchester House. Every minute of the tour I felt as if I was being observed by something.
03/20/08, 3:15AM at the Bradley Bedroom

My family entered the dinning room. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. When we left, I told them that I had the strangest experience. I said that I smelled the most delicious dinner ever: Pot roast, potatoes, fresh vegetables, and the distinct smell of home made apple pie. The rest of my family reported the same phenomenon. We thought that maybe the spirits wanted to remember dinners past.
07/05/09, 3:15AM at the Hayloft/Attic

During the tour I was trying to text one of my buddies. For no reason my phone kept shutting off. As soon as I got out of the house it worked perfectly. I figure that maybe some spirit didn’t want me to miss any part of the tour.
02/20/08, 3:15AM at the Sarah Winchester Bedroom

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