The House Fear Built

The following excerpts and personal accounts are summaries of actual and unexplained experiences of past and present employees, guests, members of the press, and psychic researchers while inside the Winchester Mystery House™. These are but a few of the experiences that continue to evolve from Sarah Winchester's World Famous Victorian mansion.

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Recent Incidents

I tool a lot of pictures in the garden. When I got my film developed there were strange images in parts of the background. In one, my boyfriend was out of focus, but the tree next to him was perfect. In another, his head was missing. In another, it looks like something put their finger right in front of my lens. It was like spirits were playing with us.
07/22/06, 12:45PM at the Gardens by Susan

What I saw, I can't describe. It was figures, almost like outlines of real people. You could see through them, but you knew that they were there. I froze, couldn't move until they left.
06/06/08, 8:00PM at the Front Parlor by Wendy

I was in the kitchen messing around with my camera and was suddenly jolted forward. It was such a shock that I dropped my very expensive camera which broke into a million pieces. I immediately turned around and no one was there. I was the last one to enter the kitchen. The tour guide then mentioned it was getting cold in the room and she moved us into the next room. Bottom line, Sarah Winchester owes me a camera or whomever it was!
07/07/08, 3:15PM at the Front Kitchen by Gerry Anne F.

I heard organ music, It seemed to be coming from every direction.
02/11/07, 11:00AM at the Hall-of-Fires by Danny F.

In my country, we believe in spirits, so I was not surprised when they contacted me. They let me know that they were OK, just misunderstood. Glad I took the tour.
02/05/07, 7:45AM at the Front Parlor by Rhavi

I thought I saw a $5 bill on a ledge, so I reached out for it and got this crazy chill. When I looked up, the money was gone. I thought the wind had blown it down, but I couldn't see it anywhere.
01/14/09, 12:45AM at the Back Porch Steps by Billy F.

In the middle of summer I was freezing in the Hall of Fires. It was built to keep Sarah warm, but I have never shivered as much as when I entered the room.
04/23/07, 12:00AM at the Hall-of-Fires by Maria G.

I heard from my great grandparents that worked in the house that spirits would often visit. I didn't believe them. What I saw made me a believer. Two distinct spirits welcomed me back to the house. It's like they knew me. They, and now I was a part of history. It was awesome.
10/04/06, 12:00AM at the South Conservatory by Jose

I closed my eyes in the seance room. After a few moments I heard a voice whisper to me: "Have no fear," When I opened my eyes, I felt calmer than I have ever felt.
03/02/07, 12:00AM at the Seance Room by Jasmynne

My husband and I were on the first tour of the day last Friday. We were overlooking the property on the 4th story and suddenly out of the blue the belltower began ringing. Our tour guide was a little taken back as they only ring the bell on special occasions. One of the guides said it may have been the wind kicking up. However, we all knew the wind could of never rang that bell with such a force. Very strange to say the least.
06/11/09, 9:00AM at the Belltower by Mary Welton

My friends and I, took the Friday the 13th tour in July 2007 as a group of skeptics of paranormal activities or whatever freaky ghost stuff you want to call it. What turned out to be a tour of the Mansion filled with wry, smart alec comments among us, turned into the most freakest experience ever, we where scared "straight"....... It happened in the grand ballroom, upon entering our entire group felt a cold , whats the best way to describe it?, hand? upon the back of all our necks, as if someone ran between the group and slide their hand from one to another to usher us forward to the room. It felt like a strong cold wind with a focused pressure in the area described. Since well all felt it, one after the other, we looked at each other and said "no f'n $@#% waayy", our tour stopped right there.
11/13/07, 10:15PM at the Grand Ballroom by Luis

First off, this is one of the coolest places I've ever visited. It sure gives any museum a run for there money. So almost everyone that lives in California knows about The Winchester legend. I took a pilgrimage from Los Angels to check it out after all these years of hearing about it as a child. I took the combo tour to make sure I was able to see as much of the mansion as possible. I'm skeptical of ghosts, but once you are there in front of the majestic property, it wasn't a hard choice to spend a few hours there. My tour group was small and it was later in the day. Room after room I was hoping to catch something off or kooky. Aside its physical charm, nothing was popping out. I took countless photos with my disposable camera, also hoping that when I develop my pictures, I might get surprise. The Tour Guide kept mentioning that we were going to see the Seance Room. That room is definitely the wierd part of the folklore of the house. We couldn't get there fast enough. I was shocked that once inside the room, it was as small as it was. After we were told the story about the room and looked out the oddly placed windows, I felt a little let down that I didn't see anything. I was the last person to be walking out of the room when I felt the COLDEST hand touch the back of my neck. It was only a moment that I felt it and when I jumped to the side and turned around... NO ONE WAS THERE. I was walking right by the 13 coat hanger mounts on the wall! All of my hair on my head was standing straight up. I was so freaked out that I didn't even say anything to the people in the group. I did ask the Tour Guide if she knew of any people on tour to see 'anything' while on the tours and she replied that it happens all the time. Especially the flashlight tours. I then told her about the hand that I felt and she grinned and said she will feel Mrs. Winchester's hand on her neck too in the Seance Room when she is about to come into extra money and that it is a good omen. She chuckled afterwards and said she's not rich and it doesn't mean a large sum of money is coming... "after all, Mrs. Winchester paid her workers in quarters." Though it was a cool story for the Tour Guide to tell me, I was honestly too creeped out to see what the flashlight tour had to offer. I'm glad it wasn't offered on the day that I went, so I wasn't tempted. I did have a peaceful late lunch there. It truly is a beautiful place, just eerie!
05/17/07, 6:45PM at the Seance Room by Justin Lund

I saw something outside when I was in this room. When I say I saw something, i mean a figure that was NOT human. What it was I don't know, but it was not human. It moved to fast, and did not seem to be walking. I get chills just thinking about it.
10/23/08, 1:00PM at the North Conservatory by Tanya

In the ballroom I saw a couple of spirits dancing. I think they were doing a Waltz. I heard no music and soon after we entered they split.
06/25/06, 2:45AM at the Grand Ballroom by Gayle

This is where a heard the sounds of banging pots and pans
09/06/07, 12:00AM at the Front Kitchen by Judith

I didn't see or hear anything unusual during the tour, but a week after I returned home (Seattle Wa), I started having the same dream over and over. In the dream I was in the seance room at the Winchester House and the same voice said over and over" "You will believe, you will believe."
08/04/09, 12:00AM at the Seance Room by Keith W

It was a Friday the 13th. At night. We all saw strange figures moving in and out of the room. They didn't stay long. I believe that they are mostly harmless, but part of me is not sure.
02/13/09, 9:00PM at the Hall-of-Fires by Ben

I heard creepy organ music coming from the near the bell tower. Even stranger, it was Friday the 13th.
11/13/09, 6:15PM at the Belltower by Dave

his is where the action. Spirits know that humans are most receptive here. I know that at least one spirit tried to contact me in the seance room. This is the place to catch a glimpse of something from the spirit world
05/08/09, 1:00PM at the Seance Room by Sandra B.

In the seance room, you don't have to be a medium to communicate with the dead. The spirits are very strong here. Just be patient and they will contact you. It has worked for me many times. The late afternoon is best.
05/02/09, 5:45AM at the Seance Room by Susan

My friends dared me to visit on a Friday the 13th. It was my first experience with spirits. We all felt something, and a few of us saw figures that can only be described as unreal. You could see right through them, and then they disappeared.
06/13/08, 2:45AM at the Seance Room by Hillary

I am not a superstitious person, so visiting the Winchester House on Friday the 13th was nothing special to me. That was until we got to the 13th bathroom. For a brief second it felt like the room was moving. We all saw flashes of something not human and felt a chill like never before. We have become believers in the spirit world. one more thing. This happened at 1:00 which is 13 in military time.
05/13/07, 1:00AM at the 13th Bathroom by Taylor Family

I heard music and could not identify the source. It was weird.
12/08/09, 11:15PM at the Hall-of-Fires by Joe Bakersfield

According to Roger, some employees were waxing and buffing the floors one night. While waiting for the floors to dry, the employees heard footsteps up on the third floor. There was no one else in the house at the time, and the employees who were working were never up on the third floor. (March of 1979) In another incident, Roger was opening the house one morning when he found the light bulb in the Séance Room had exploded. It had not rained the previous night and there were no other apparent causes. (July of 1977) Following a KSFO Radio Broadcast on Halloween 1979, Roger went with psychic Warren Capling of Concord, California, radio personality Buddy Hutton, and Winchester employee Brett Chisessi to the bedroom where Mrs. Winchester died. It was about 6:00 PM and fairly dark. They sat in the room with the lights off and about 2 minutes later, the psychic heard an organ playing and a dog barking. None of the others heard anything. Shortly thereafter, the psychic told them to look over their shoulders. There they noticed a small glowing light that was foggy in the center. It moved across the room at a walking pace, stopped by the bed, and then vanished.
10/31/79, 6:00PM at the Sarah Winchester Bedroom by Roger LaFountain and Mitch Willis

I didn't see anything. I didn't hear or smell or feel anything. But when I entered Sarah's bedroom, I understood. I understood why Sarah had to keep building. I also think that I understand her as a person.
02/28/08, 5:45PM at the Sarah Winchester Bedroom by Susie

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