The House Fear Built

The following excerpts and personal accounts are summaries of actual and unexplained experiences of past and present employees, guests, members of the press, and psychic researchers while inside the Winchester Mystery House™. These are but a few of the experiences that continue to evolve from Sarah Winchester's World Famous Victorian mansion.

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Recent Incidents

I felt a soft wind blow across my arm and it was cold and i was not even close to like an open area where wind could blow and it just felt like a ghost
12/13/10, 2:00AM at the Crystal Bedroom by Christian Avalos

We were going through the hidden door that looked like a cabinet and i was the last person go to through and i heard the door creek i turned around and the door behind us was closing (the group behind us had just started and were in the couch house)
04/17/11, 12:00AM at the Seance Room

I took several pictures of the parlor from several different angles, and when I got the pictures developed, there were 3 orbs in the same spot over the table in every picture, regardless of angle.
04/24/09, 2:15PM at the Front Parlor by san_fran_lover

I had brought my young sons to visit the mystery mansion the youngest was 3, the next youngest was 5, and the oldest was 10 years old. We had a fairly new RCA camcorder with us. I had done many videos with it and become well aquinted with it and how it worked. It was filming just fine. We bought our tickets for the mansion tour and proceeded to where the tour began. I was filming the boys and we parked the stroller. As we approached the mystery house the camera was working, as soon as we entered the mystery house the screen went black and nothing would record. I had feelings throughout the house, I have a special gift for that sort of thing and have predicted many things as well as spoken to dead relatives and they would tell me thing that were going to happen and later did. Anyway we went through the tour, Feeling dissapointed the camera was not filming. As soon as we exited following the tour the camera turned back on and started filiming everything we aimed it at. I do say clearly it turned back on, I had turned it off after a bit of time in the mystery house not filming like it should. It turned itself back on. To this day we recount that memory. My youngest son turns 24 this month, I am hoping to drive up on our way to visit in Petaluma from Orange County and he wants to see the mystery house now that he is old enough to remember everything he will see on the tour. We hope to be there on April 29th, 2011. I am bringing another camera Sarah, I intend to get video this time.
03/13/90, 11:00AM at the Other by cdkennedy59

I was looking through the window and something touched my back. I turned around and nothing was there so I kept looking out the window. Suddenly something touched me again and i turned around and a woman in a white dress was staring at me and I ran away.
04/07/11, 2:45AM at the Belltower by JANEJ03

On one of the staircases their was a flickering of lights and rush of icy the middle of the house.... The tour guide said that that had never happened in that spot before and that it was creepy.
04/05/11, 1:30PM at the Other by Hollie

As i walked in the room, everything began to feel ice cold. i felt something lurking over my shoulder but when i turned around nothing was there. Soon after i started to hear voices, then what apeared to be mist came through a wall. I dont know exactly what happed but the mist turned to a person and the person grabbed me. The nest thing i remember was blackness, heavy blackness. Then i remember being outside, and everything was fine then. Im not sure what exactly happened, but it was creepy all right.
12/05/10, 3:15PM at the Hall-of-Fires by figure it out urself

My Daughter was only 6 months old and I went on a private tour with her and my mom for a school project. Right after our guide told us that she had passed away my daughter looked at the bed and started laughing at something my daughter was quiet through the tour and looking at things. She also reacted to something in the Grand Ball Room. It really creeped out our tour guide but my mom and I weren't surprised they say kids and babies see thing we don't see.
03/14/09, 2:00AM at the Sarah Winchester Bedroom by Lady Alice

i iwas in her room the other day i was looking around and thoen i saw a ghostly figure staring at me. THen i felt something breathe
03/28/11, 12:00AM at the Sarah Winchester Bedroom

i was in the shaft with my friend and he was joking around about some guy that died in there. then, out of no where, he disappeard,
03/26/11, 12:15AM at the Elevator Shaft by gerard

I was coming back from my doctor appoitment when i left my school at 10 am, and on the way back from the doctors i was in the car with my mom and i had my camara and i decided to take pics of the house from outside as we drove by and i captured a picture of a spirt of a ghost by the window looking out and it looked like it was a women and all you could see was the gray cold white looking spirit looking out the window and you can see the spirit from face all the way to elbows, it looked like it was posing for a photo. i never visit that place when i took the photo and a few months after i went and visited the place but didnt experince anything.
03/25/11, 12:00AM at the Other by PICTURE OF THE SPIRIT by WINDOW

I went to the house and i went with my 2 best guy friends!! i started to head to Sarah Winchester's bedroom and all of the sudden i felt someone GRAB ME!!!!!i jumped and my 2 guy friends asked me if I was okay and i replyed saying "i felt someone grab me!" and they were surprised!!!!
03/14/11, 12:45AM at the Sarah Winchester Bedroom by allycat09

One time I came with my lucky penny I put it in my pocket then my penny was GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'!!,,, I aam sure the ghost of Sarah Winchester stole it!!!!!!!!!!!
03/13/11, 12:00AM at the Other by Iamscared

i saw a ghost and it said hi
03/03/11, 12:00AM at the Gardens

When we entered the Seance Room my back was to the hooks. The tour guide did not tell about the hooks but my 6 month old daughter was looking behind me at the hooks and almost crying like she could see something. It was a half laugh half cry. Not sure but definatly something. Had a great time.
02/28/11, 4:30PM at the Seance Room by memj

We were in the car me and my best friend and her grandmother and we stopped on a red light so the house was on my left. I look over to the window on the far right and i see a little boy about 4 years old looking at me. He was wearing a white blouse with a black jacket over and dar brown hair. I now for sure that i saw because we looked at each other right in the eyes for about 20 seconds so i now im not lying as crazy a it sounds. I freak out and tell my friend to look real quick but when i look back i see the little boy run away so my friend didn't get to see him i'm still a little freaked out!
02/26/11, 3:45PM at the Other by traumatized

we were in the basement very dark and there was this little girl that was somewhat seethrogh i went to go talk to her and ask her where her parents were and she screamed in my face and mumbled i will GET U!!!!!!
02/26/11, 12:00AM at the Basement by BFPREPRESENT

After my tour, me and my girlfriend were looking in the gift shop when i heard her say Oh My Goodness. I asked her what happened and she said she picked up and item and when she went to put it down, the other items moved too. I tried and nothing happened. So I said, if there are spirits here move the items. So I pick up and put down the item and it moved.
02/20/11, 3:00PM at the Other by Frankie805

I went on the tour and when I entered the Hall of Fires, it was freezing. EVEN COLDER THAN A FREEZER, PEOPLE!!! I am absolutely going on a flashlight tour on Halloween to see if I can make contact with Mrs. Winchester... =)
02/24/11, 12:00AM at the Hall-of-Fires by Cheese

I was on a tour with a friend of mine and we were in the hayloft. The tour guide told us to explore as we pleased, so we did. I wandered over to a hay storage space and looked around. I swear I did a triple take, because there was a sort of misty, slightly glowing blob in a dark, dusty corner. I went for my friend and told it to stay, but obviously it didn't listen because when I came back it was gone. Wonder what it was.........
02/20/11, 10:15AM at the Hayloft/Attic by Cowcowcowcow222

I toured the house with a friend and then was waiting for the grand estate tour. In between that i decided to take some pictures of the garden and outside building. Walked up to a window and looked in, snapped a picture and another reflection appears in the picture with me of Sara.
02/15/11, 12:00AM at the Front Parlor by All That Remains

I was looking round the room, just randomly staring at all of the room and Sarh's belongings. I went and sat on the bed, and felt the bed go down after i sat down, i looked to my right and saw an indent on the covers, i jumped up immediately, and then felt a small breeze on my face, and it felt like somebody was holding my hand. I packed and legged it out. Soo scary.
02/18/11, 3:30AM at the Sarah Winchester Bedroom by bull.

I toured the house with a friend in the summer of 2009. Nothing creepy happened during the tour. However, we took many photos. When they were developed, I had captured an orb in the stairs to nowhere. Myfriend had taken a pic with a mirror in the background. You could see some of the group in the mirror. There was a man in a suit with a handlebar mustache. There was NO ONE of that discription in our group!
07/09/09, 3:00PM at the Other by Loving California

My sister and I were in the horse stables fooling around, lost, no one around until we saw a GHOST!!!!!!!! We couldn't believe it, we scream and scream but no heard us. We started to run, but than I tripped. My sister didn't notice and kept running, I was all alone. I was so scaried! I didn't know where I was and what I could do, so I sat there wait in hope that someone would save me from this horror. My leg was bleeding and it hurt! Then, once again there came the ghost. I wasn't scaried now just sad. Tears poured out of my eyes, than a miracle happened, my sister was back! But the ghost was gone and the day was here. In the end we found are way out and was fine.
02/07/11, 11:45PM at the Horse Staples by Creeper nation

So, I went with my parents to the Winchester Mansion when I was 16 years old. When we were stopped in the ballroom, I suddenly felt very cold, and I VERY distinctly heard someone say in my ear, "What are you doing here?" It was a womans voice and when I looked over my shoulder, my Mom was there. So...I proceeded to answer her question, "I'm...on the tour like you are Mom." She looked at me confused and asked, "What?" I asked her, "Didn't you just ask me what am I doing here?" She continued to look puzzled and said no. I think Mrs. Winchester may have been the one who asked me that since no one else but my Mom was behind me and she didn't ask me...
04/04/05, 2:00PM at the Grand Ballroom by nilla

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