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I think this was close to where it happened. On the tour we weaved through a hallway and where we stood we could see stanchions that we had just passed. They appeared to be swinging as if someone was standing there manipulating them. They moved for about a minute before we moved on. Testing others revealed they would only swing 5 or 6 times before stopping if we tried.
10/26/11, 2:00PM at the Hall-of-Fires by James M

i was standing there and all the sudden...it got me.
10/11/11, 3:30AM at the Hall-of-Fires by jhick

I was 5 and my sisters were 9 and 6 when we visited the house with our parents. we were in the fire room as i looked out I felt a small hand on my shoulder then another hand stroking my hair (which was long and curly.) my father was two arms lengths away and the group was about another two feet from me i began to smell flowers like lilac and dispite the briskness of the day i felt warm.
02/12/80, 10:45AM at the Hall-of-Fires by Chiefsgirl1974

As i walked in the room, everything began to feel ice cold. i felt something lurking over my shoulder but when i turned around nothing was there. Soon after i started to hear voices, then what apeared to be mist came through a wall. I dont know exactly what happed but the mist turned to a person and the person grabbed me. The nest thing i remember was blackness, heavy blackness. Then i remember being outside, and everything was fine then. Im not sure what exactly happened, but it was creepy all right.
12/05/10, 3:15PM at the Hall-of-Fires by figure it out urself

I went on the tour and when I entered the Hall of Fires, it was freezing. EVEN COLDER THAN A FREEZER, PEOPLE!!! I am absolutely going on a flashlight tour on Halloween to see if I can make contact with Mrs. Winchester... =)
02/24/11, 12:00AM at the Hall-of-Fires by Cheese

i was in the hall of fires, and i felt a strange breeze coming up from the vent on the floor.then i looked behind me and i saw someone walk past real fast.
02/08/10, 2:00PM at the Hall-of-Fires by john

i just sittin threer n all of a sudden BOOM ghost out nowhere!!!!1 i was sooo scared but my dad was there and he sayed 'dontworry it's oikay"
01/29/10, 2:00AM at the Hall-of-Fires by SCAREDSTIFF2010

i was walking and i saw this girl walking away from me and she just walked through the wall. the i felt a coldx hand on my shoulder i turned around and there was standing the girl i saw earlyer i did't blink for a long time buit ewehen i did shge vanished. it was so creepy!!!
01/18/10, 6:00AM at the Hall-of-Fires by totaly awesome nike

I was walking through the Hall of Fires and I felt a cold, cold hand on my back. It was like the hand was made out of ice. I jumped, turned around, but there was nothing there, at least nothing that I could see. I wish someone could explain what happened.
01/02/10, 12:15PM at the Hall-of-Fires by Sally Prescott

They call it the hall of fires, but I was freezing the entire time I was in the room.
06/12/05, 5:15PM at the Hall-of-Fires by Denise

I heard organ music, It seemed to be coming from every direction.
02/11/07, 11:00AM at the Hall-of-Fires by Danny F.

In the middle of summer I was freezing in the Hall of Fires. It was built to keep Sarah warm, but I have never shivered as much as when I entered the room.
04/23/07, 12:00AM at the Hall-of-Fires by Maria G.

It was a Friday the 13th. At night. We all saw strange figures moving in and out of the room. They didn't stay long. I believe that they are mostly harmless, but part of me is not sure.
02/13/09, 9:00PM at the Hall-of-Fires by Ben

I heard music and could not identify the source. It was weird.
12/08/09, 11:15PM at the Hall-of-Fires by Joe Bakersfield

I do not believe in ghosts. However, I found it odd that the moment we touched the front door of the Winchester Mystery House one of the light bulbs burst on the staircase behind us. Glass went all over the wood floor and we learned it was that door which has remained locked since the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. While we were just examining the woodwork on the door....the timing was just odd and very, very loud.
11/11/06, 6:15PM at the Hall-of-Fires by MattForde

I went there on a Halloween night several years ago for flashlight tour shortly before or after midnight. I’d been there before without event. I was stunning in a silver ball gown hoop dress. I was about 19. I’m 28 now. The tour guide said that cold could indicate a spirit and that in the next room several people had felt their hair pulled. I thought that was ridiculous. So, in that room, I was standing agains the wall, when I felt suddenly chilled on my shoulders and then found myself scream “ouch” out loud because several pieces of my hair were sharply yanked upwards in a swift and painful movement. My head was against the wall and those next to me had hands to themselves. It was very painful. I’m not a big believer in ghosts being able to touch people, but something happened.
07/31/06, 12:00AM at the Hall-of-Fires by Rhonda Dolen

Can you explain how it can be pouring rain less than ¼ mile from the house, and perfectly sunny directly over the house?
07/20/08, 3:15AM at the Hall-of-Fires

During the Behind The Scenes Tour we were taken down into one of the basements. I’ve heard from many that you can sense the spirits of the men who built the house. Now that there is no longer any construction going on, they have nothing to do, but wait for tourists to come by. And when you do, they let you know. You can’t always seem them, but you can always feel them.
11/20/08, 3:15AM at the Hall-of-Fires

The best time to visit the Winchester Mystery House is Halloween. It’s an experience that you will never forget.
01/18/09, 3:15AM at the Hall-of-Fires

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