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When my sister and I went last year, both of us had ghostly moments. When my sister was is Sarah's bedroom, she saw a crack in the green wall through the mirror. Only, there was no crack in the wall and we weren't in the mirror. When I was in the room with the expensive glass window, I felt a cold hand pull at my hair and touch my shoulder. When I turned around, the closest person behind me was six feet away. I deffinately cannot wait to come back.
11/10/11, 7:15PM at the Other Location by maddie-the-tourguide

After going on the Winchester Mansion tour, i had taken a look at some pics i took in the gun museum and found a strange circular ball coming down from the red staircase in that room. It appeared to be on one of the lower-level stairs and was not bigger that it. I just wish i knew what that room was in the 1900's and what that staircase led to... I was creeped out
07/17/12, 5:45PM at the Other Location by TanMan7337

I was taking pictures in the carriage house and i went home to look through the pictures and the was clearly a face on the wall behind everything.
01/12/12, 4:30PM at the Other Location by Brittany

Me and my friend decided to take the house tour with her dad and we went into a room. I stood at the window listening to this whistling noise. I thought it was just me, but my friend heard it too. We were kind of scared, but what creeped us out was that after we both told each other that we had heard the noise, the lights went out! The tour guide said that she was scared and that scared us even more! In a few other rooms, I kept seeing shadows with no object to make them. Ha, creepy place: Winchester Mystery House.
10/21/11, 5:00PM at the Other Location by scared_bffs

i was at the door to nowhear and then somthing nuged my sholder then i look back buh i didnt see anything... buh after that i heard the work jump being whisperd buht no 1 was there :o
09/10/11, 12:00AM at the Other Location by m_desini

I'm not sure of the time of our tour or the hallway where the incident happened, but I saw nothing at that time. When I got home to view the pictures, I had captured the image of a man transluscent man standing in a hallway between 2 glass doors. He was wearing what seemed to be a riding coat and an scornful look on his face. Is there anywhere I can send the picture to you?
10/04/09, 1:00PM at the Other Location by ks_sweet_pea

After viewing our photos we came upon a photo I took of the carriage overpass nearest the green house. In the window was Sarah Winchester's upper torso and hat,above her where two other ghosts one of which was bearded man.
09/05/10, 2:00PM at the Other Location by FORREAL

As my son and my self were passing by this kitchen area,all of a sudden the light bulbs started to get dim for awhile like if the lights were going to go out. Other people other than my son and myself expirienced such a weird and spooky thing at the same time. Some people even went,wow!
01/30/12, 4:30AM at the Other Location by diego

In the unfinished dressing room, adjacent to the seance room, both of us heard the creaking floorboards, but my boyfriend saw the ghost of carpenter who appeared to be patiently waiting for the tourists to leave, so he could continue his work.
09/19/10, 3:30PM at the Other Location by Faith148

I have never really believed in ghosts, although I still love freaking myself out with ghost stories now as much as I did when I was younger. On the tour that my husband and I took, I had continuous chills throughout the mansion. I told my husband this and he shrugged it off, but I am still creeped out by it! I also remember feeling a bit nauseous, even though I wasn't sick at all.
08/11/10, 1:00PM at the Other Location by KPharude

Okey i know this has nothing to inside a house but while i was driving by the Winchester Mystery House i took some pics of the house while in car driving by and i caught a picture of a ghost looking out the window, and the ghost figure is pretty big and it looks likea human.
08/20/10, 12:00AM at the Other Location by Outside of Winchester House

I have a picture of the front of the house and there appears to be a lady in white that looks distraught on the second floor on the right side. I can send you the picture of it!
08/02/09, 2:00AM at the Other Location by Cobbelbur

I fell behind in my tour group, so I was going down a hallway virtually alone - I had just come down a flight of stairs. I then heard definite footsteps, and expected to see someone coming down the stairs, or hallway. I waited a minute, but did not see anyone.
05/09/10, 3:00PM at the Other Location by lynn

It was actually through the end half of the tour. I started to feel nauseous (though I was being left behind a lot). I sometimes heard voices (not by the group). I heard footsteps walk behind me when no one was there. I also took a picture in one of the unfinished rooms and I caught a solid orb on the wood. I have the picture, if you'd like it?
10/31/08, 12:15AM at the Other Location by m.s.

It was after our tour and my dad and I were taking photographs of the front porch. Later we were observing our shots and my dad zoomed in on one picture. It has three lights behind the door, and you can make out a faint distant face above the lights. There are two more ghostly faces like that behind that door. We looked at our other pictures but none others are like it.
04/02/10, 3:00PM at the Other Location by Screen Name

I was in the gun museam and i was looking at the guns and i looked back and i saw this black figure blow right past me and vanish through the wall towards the stairs im shure it wasent anyone because they were all in the other room after that i ran out and didnt go back in
03/30/10, 3:15PM at the Other Location

I was touring the front lawn with my son and was standing in front of the mansion. I felt like someone was watching us through the daisy windows but nobody was there. Admiring the window panes, I took a few pictures of them. In all of them you can see the reflection of the sky. In the first picture, however, there is a white fuzzy circle in the upper part the clear panel. Almost like someone standing there looking at us out of it.
01/16/10, 12:30PM at the Other Location by S.S.

This didn’t happen at the house, but rather when I got home. That night I started having this dream. In the dream I’m at a séance in the Winchester House. The people at the séance are trying to make contact with Sarah Winchester. Sometimes, they hear her voice, other times nothing. I’ve had the dream many times since the visit. Before the visit I would never remember my dreams and never had one about the Winchester House or a séance. It’s like the spirits want me to remember my visit and the house and they found a way to contact me--through my dreams.
11/11/06, 1:00AM at the Other Location by Belinda

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