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i saw a ghost touching the flowers and then i said somthing but i just cant pick it up all i know is that it said winchester im like wow i saw a ghost
07/05/11, 3:15AM at the Gardens by winchesterlover

i saw a ghost and it said hi
03/03/11, 12:00AM at the Gardens

I was in the gardens tacking pictures to the bushes and there was a bench near. I took the picture the I fel a super cold breze and when i lloked at the pictured Inoticed a woman dresed in a wierd dress but there wasnt anybody there.
12/15/10, 12:45PM at the Gardens by Juan Pablo

I was with my older sister walking in the gardens and I looked at a window and I thought I saw something, I took a picture and when I looked at the picture closely and I could see an older looking woman in a Victorian dress looking out the window.
10/25/05, 2:45PM at the Gardens by Dperea

i was taking pictures in the garden and in some of them are figures that show up in the picture. Two pictures where taken by the goddess statues. The other picture was taken where there wicyches cap is located
07/29/10, 3:00PM at the Gardens by Kylie

I was taking photos of the garden area while visiting...When I reviewed the pictures I had taken later, one stood out. The photo was of the corner of the garden where the fruit drying shed is. The picture has the evening sun streaming down through the trees. In the lower right of this sunlight some ones head seems to appear...
07/22/10, 5:30PM at the Gardens by krakon

while walking through the conservatory we witnessed a line of 13 big black crows lined up along the roof, they were sitting on the glass making very creepy noises and clawing the glass.
05/12/10, 12:00AM at the Gardens by creeped out!

My family and I visited the Winchester House but sadly, we arrive too late to go on any of the extensive tours of the house's interior. We decided to look through the gardens since that area was available and we took a few pictures. Later, when I was showing some friends pictures of the trip, we noticed two distinct figures in the window of Sarah Winchester's bedroom that overlooks the garden. They were dressed in clothing appropriate for that time period and they seemed to be watching me.
05/03/09, 5:45PM at the Gardens by Kiana

The gardens get spirit visitors. You need to sit very still and wait. If you do, you will not be disappointed. You will see them, the workers from the time that they were building the house.
04/21/09, 5:00PM at the Gardens by Oded

I tool a lot of pictures in the garden. When I got my film developed there were strange images in parts of the background. In one, my boyfriend was out of focus, but the tree next to him was perfect. In another, his head was missing. In another, it looks like something put their finger right in front of my lens. It was like spirits were playing with us.
07/22/06, 12:45PM at the Gardens by Susan

The sun was bright, but the figures that I saw did NOT cast shadows. The sun want right through them, like they were made out of mist. I turned my head to tell my dad, but when I turned it back they were gone. When you go to the Winchester house, you have to pay attention every second or you night miss something.
03/22/07, 10:30AM at the Gardens by Julie

Allen had locked all the doors in the Gift Shop and went back to the Gift Shop storeroom to turn on the alarms. When he returned to the Gift Shop, he found the glass door leading to the courtyard was unlocked. Allen was the only employee on the premises at the time. (1980) In a second incident, Allen walked the entire tour route to shut off the lights in the house. After locking up, Allen walked out to the parking lot and turned around to check and make sure all lights were off in the house. He then proceeded across the street to his car. When he turned around and looked back at the house, all the lights on the third floor were on again. (January of 1981) Allen’s latest experience occurred when he walked into his office one morning and found his desk, paperwork, chair, and floor soaked with water. A pencil holder on his desk was filled with water also. It had rained the night before but not enough to cause the damage that occurred. Also, the ceiling above the desk, the walls, and the paperwork on the walls showed no signs of water damage. From all indications there was no possible way for the water to have gotten where it had.
02/01/82, 8:15AM at the Gardens by Mike Breen

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