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I took the tour on Monday. After touring the mansion, I walked around inthe garden. All of a sudden, I heard this bell. I'm pretty sure it was the bell tower. Anyways, it rung 13 times. I asked my friend (who went on the tour with me) if she heard anything, and she said no. Creepy.
11/25/11, 12:00AM at the Belltower by Mina-P

i seen a demon like creature in the garden when i looked out the window.
10/09/11, 3:15AM at the Belltower by crabster11

I was looking through the window and something touched my back. I turned around and nothing was there so I kept looking out the window. Suddenly something touched me again and i turned around and a woman in a white dress was staring at me and I ran away.
04/07/11, 2:45AM at the Belltower by JANEJ03

My husband and I were on the first tour of the day last Friday. We were overlooking the property on the 4th story and suddenly out of the blue the belltower began ringing. Our tour guide was a little taken back as they only ring the bell on special occasions. One of the guides said it may have been the wind kicking up. However, we all knew the wind could of never rang that bell with such a force. Very strange to say the least.
06/11/09, 9:00AM at the Belltower by Mary Welton

I heard creepy organ music coming from the near the bell tower. Even stranger, it was Friday the 13th.
11/13/09, 6:15PM at the Belltower by Dave

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