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Elevator Shaft

As i walked passed this elevator shaft my head felt heavy and i heard angry sounding voices saying "leave now!" which made me FREAKED OUT about that place.
02/07/11, 12:15AM at the Elevator Shaft by ghost moon

I know its a little weird but while me an a friend were in the elevator shaft I heard what sounded like an elevator sliding at a high speed towards the ground then it suddenly stopped. I asked my friend if he heard anything he said no... creepy...
03/16/11, 7:30AM at the Elevator Shaft by TheFreakedOutGuy

i was in the shaft with my friend and he was joking around about some guy that died in there. then, out of no where, he disappeard,
03/26/11, 12:15AM at the Elevator Shaft by gerard

My girlfriend and I felt a cool breeze as I passed the elevator
11/01/09, 12:00AM at the Elevator Shaft by Brooke

Does the tour go by the bottom of this shaft? Every time I take this tour, I hear voices at the bottom of the shaft and they seem to be agonizing over something... strange.
09/01/09, 1:45AM at the Elevator Shaft by Terry K.

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