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Morning Room

Im not sure that it was this room or not but that is what the tour guide told me. When we went in a different room, there was a small window where you could see the room we just were in. I looked inside to see a black silouette (however you spell it) shadow that looked to be a man in a suite over the one abandoned piano. By the time I blinked, it was gone. Only my brother believes me but my parents dont. They think it was just a shadow of someone in another tour walking by from another tour. But it couldnt be a tour because you couldnt hear any footsteps ( which you can usually hear in the house ).
06/23/12, 11:30AM at the Morning Room by Mikayla R.

I'm pretty sure it was this room?The last room before the gift shop. My 2 boys and me were standing there listening to the tour guide when door to the gift shop opened real slow like someone was coming through, but there was no one there.I thought maybe it was the wind from another door opening but there are no doors in that hallway.My kids thought it was prettty cool!Great place.
12/21/11, 12:00AM at the Morning Room

I went on the afternoon tour. When I went I was wearing my necklace of a cross/crucifix that I usually wore everyday, which I've had for 3 yrs. When I left the tour I've noticed that the cross/crucifix was gone.
05/28/00, 2:00PM at the Morning Room

There was an eerie odor coming from the room. I asked the tour guide about it and he seemed puzzled. I went back to check it again, and there was nothing.
12/02/07, 6:00PM at the Morning Room by Larry G.

Every time that I visit the house, I feel, or see something different. Sometimes it’s a chill down my back, other times a strange reflection in a mirror or I hear a muted voice when no one is around.
09/20/08, 3:15AM at the Morning Room

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