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Front Parlor

After entering the first hallway, I felt dizzy, quesy, & had a fast heartbeat. On the second floor hallway, I was filming the guide talking, and when we reviewed the tape that night, we had caught a weird, glowing green human form in the back ground. We tried to forget what we saw. Later, the same week after returning home to Houston, Tx., a lot of weird things happened. I had things moving around, was touched by something not there, weird smells, power outages, etc. Many people witness these things and we all thought we were crazy. I finally had a Reverend come to my house and do a clearing and it never happened again! I'm thinking, I'll never go back!
09/27/96, 1:00PM at the Front Parlor by Haunted Houstonian

I took several pictures of the parlor from several different angles, and when I got the pictures developed, there were 3 orbs in the same spot over the table in every picture, regardless of angle.
04/24/09, 2:15PM at the Front Parlor by san_fran_lover

I toured the house with a friend and then was waiting for the grand estate tour. In between that i decided to take some pictures of the garden and outside building. Walked up to a window and looked in, snapped a picture and another reflection appears in the picture with me of Sara.
02/15/11, 12:00AM at the Front Parlor by All That Remains

I felt these strange energy swirling around my head. It was like being in a mini tornado. I don't think "it" was trying to hurt me, but I'm not sure what it wanted to say or do. I was dizzy for a couple of hours afterwards. What a rush.
01/05/10, 1:00PM at the Front Parlor by Sam

My girlfriend and I both heard organ music. No one else in our tour did. You have to be willing to listen.
07/15/05, 3:15PM at the Front Parlor by Dave

What I saw, I can't describe. It was figures, almost like outlines of real people. You could see through them, but you knew that they were there. I froze, couldn't move until they left.
06/06/08, 8:00PM at the Front Parlor by Wendy

In my country, we believe in spirits, so I was not surprised when they contacted me. They let me know that they were OK, just misunderstood. Glad I took the tour.
02/05/07, 7:45AM at the Front Parlor by Rhavi

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