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Servant Call Station

i heard like a conversation between two women i couldnt realy make out what they were saying because it was so faint.
07/21/12, 2:15PM at the Servant Call Station by vindictive16

I was with my mom, dad, brother, and tour group in the servant call station. When the guide rang the bell, i felt a very cold abnormal breeze on my neck. I couldn't explain it. It was so cool! I wasn't scared at all.
04/05/10, 12:00AM at the Servant Call Station by LOVE THAT PARANORMAL!

I heard a bell ringing, like someone was trying over and over to call the maid. The sound seemed to come from all directions.
07/12/09, 9:00AM at the Servant Call Station by Nancy

I thought I saw a maid or something carrying laundry. She glared at me and stormed off.
05/01/09, 6:15PM at the Servant Call Station by William R.

My friends dared me to keep my eyes closed during the tour of The Winchester Mystery House. During the time I felt like something was gently guiding me from room to room. I have never experienced anything like this before, or anything like it since.
09/11/07, 3:15AM at the Servant Call Station

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