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Daisy Bedroom

When I was looking out the balcony, I heard a slight quite hazy voice call me name. But when I asked, no one did.
03/04/12, 4:15PM at the Daisy Bedroom by whispers

As I entered the Daisy bedroom I could feel my knees buckling and my heart racing. I started trembling. My head started spinning and I felt like I was going to faint. The sheer terror imprinted in that section of the house was tangible.
10/09/11, 11:00AM at the Daisy Bedroom by Laurie from Canada

when we were on the tour i looked up into the attic and saw a man dressed in black walk into the next room i assked the tour guide if there was anyone there and he said no and i said i saw a man and he went up and found no one there or in the area
04/26/11, 12:45AM at the Daisy Bedroom by scarie

I seen a little girl creep around the corner. Almost as if she were hiding. Her hair was curly and she had a little pink dress on. She was maybe about 3.5 feet tall. Her face was very pale. She said,"Catch me if you can!" Her hair was strawberry-blonde. And then she disappeared right after that. I was with my daughter and husband. Only me and him saw it.
10/15/10, 3:15AM at the Daisy Bedroom by Strawberry-Blonde

I was looking at the bed and it seemed to me that there was a figure laying in the bed. The covers of the bed where moved and were slept in. When our group leader began talking the figure moved sharply and everyone turned to look at the bed and then the figure disappeared. As the ghostly figure disappeared one word was said, "Die".
07/22/10, 12:00AM at the Daisy Bedroom by DIE

My husband was taking photos in the Daisy Bedroom and saw something move my braid (my hair is 3 feet long). I thought it was my daughter, she often holds onto it for comfort in strange environments. It was a bright white orb. The image was captured on the photo he took as it moved past me and stopped in front of the leaded glass window
03/25/03, 2:00PM at the Daisy Bedroom

Looking up at the ceiling I saw what I thought was a heater distortion-like what you see above a toaster, only realized later there are no heaters in the house.
04/01/08, 1:30PM at the Daisy Bedroom by tjzizzo

It was coming right towards me. A figure, dressed like a maid, but you could see right through her. I blinked and it was gone. I think that my heart skipped about 10 beats.
01/11/10, 9:30AM at the Daisy Bedroom by Penny

I kept hearing someone whispering and I was the only one in the room. At first, I thought it was a speaker or something, but there weren't any.
01/07/06, 4:15PM at the Daisy Bedroom by Bill R.

“As I was thinking how much better I’d feel if there were electric lights on the second floor, I felt a sudden chill. When I moved away from the cold spot, the room was warm again. But when I backed up, the chill was still at the same spot.” Nancy Osborn, co-author of Haunted Houses, spent a night in the Daisy Bedroom. About 2:00 AM, she heard a piano playing. She quickly woke up Richard Winer, also co-author of Haunted Houses, but he heard nothing. Suddenly the floor started shaking. The shaking lasted about 30 seconds. At about 4:00 AM, Nancy heard the piano playing again. A few seconds later, both Nancy and Richard heard footsteps outside the Daisy Bedroom. When they rushed out to check, they found nothing. An interesting point is that the burglar alarms were on at the time, but none were set off. The two authors also checked the piano in the Ballroom and found the keys to be broken. When the authors checked about the floor shaking during the night, they were told there were no earthquakes reported or recorded.
01/19/80, 2:00AM at the Daisy Bedroom by Richard Winer & Nancy Osborn

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