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Carriage Entrance

i saw....... a ghost ! :D
10/04/11, 8:15PM at the Carriage Entrance

I visited the house probably 10yrs ago..But I still remember my experience. The tour starts in the Carriage enterance; and upon entering I got a very heavy feeling in my chest. Like someone was pushing on my chest. I complained to my friend during the entire tour of the pain in my chest. The feeling did not go away until we reached the end of the tour and we were outside again. I commented aloud.. "Wow, the pain is gone!!" Can't wait to come back!!
09/25/11, 12:00AM at the Carriage Entrance by Calicrystalann

i was standing by the glass door waiting for the tour to begin when i felt like a tap on my back, when i turned to see what it was i noticed it (i.e. it wasn't windy that day either), but in that same second i felt like a hard pressure as if the door wanted to open by force. so i moved and then i felt a really cold breeze hit my face. then i felt sick and dizzy for about 20 minutes. i don't think it can be considered paranormal but it sure was strange.
05/16/10, 2:00PM at the Carriage Entrance by denise

Jack and his son John were on the estate early one morning and were just entering the Carriage Entrance Hall. Jack looked down the Back Hallway and saw a man in white overalls staring back at them. The man walked up a flight of stairs about halfway down the hallway. Jack walked over to the stairs but the man was gone. Jack and John were the only two people in the house at the time.
04/22/06, 10:00AM at the Carriage Entrance by Colin James

I was walking by the carriage entrance at about sunset when I thought I had seen a shadow from inside. When I looked again it was gone and thought maybe the sun had cast a shadow down from the tree's. As I got closer to entrance, there was a cold feeling that came across me; it was a colder feeling then just the weather, as if I had past through that shadow that I thought I saw. When I looked back there stood an old woman smiling at me and pointing me in the direction of the house, as if I was a guest of some event lost and she was helping me get back to the party. When I looked at the house and then back again she was gone.
11/10/09, 5:15PM at the Carriage Entrance by Michael Bracco

I saw a horse rustling around, but I couldn't hear it. It was like watching a silent movie. This horse was agitated and visibly so, but it wasn't making any noise. It had me a bit dazed for the rest of the tour.
09/01/08, 2:15AM at the Carriage Entrance by James L.

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