The House Fear Built

The following excerpts and personal accounts are summaries of actual and unexplained experiences of past and present employees, guests, members of the press, and psychic researchers while inside the Winchester Mystery House™. These are but a few of the experiences that continue to evolve from Sarah Winchester's World Famous Victorian mansion.

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Recent Incidents

We were wrapping up our flashlight tour, having had a lovely visit, and we came to the final kitchen, walking through to the final room. My friend Charles says "There are so many people who walk through here, there's no spirits left." at that moment, one of the windows on our left hand side (right across from the "Watch Your Step" sign) falls open.
10/13/00, 6:45PM at the Front Kitchen by Chris

While on the flashlight tour on Friday the 13th, my brother-in-law and I were making our way into Sarah Winchester's bedroom. We were one of the last few in the room and were walking by the wall that is shared by the hallway when we both heard a weird scraping sound. It was so out of place that it took both of us by surprise and we started shining our flashlights into the wall to see if it was someone on the other side. My sister, who was right behind us, also heard it and started looking as well. My brother-in-law walked back into the hallway, which was now empty, and came back in shaking his head - there was nothing there. It really gave us a chill because the way we described it to each other was that it sounded like metal or something large scraping across the wall. The tour guide came over to ask what we were looking for and we told him what we had heard. He thought it might be a flashlight from on of the others on the tour bumping into the wall, but what we heard wasn't a bump. We let it go for a moment to listen to our tour guide (who was amazing, by the way!!) and when he told us the history of the room I thought that the three of us might pass out. Sarah Winchester had been trapped in that bedroom during the big earthquake of 1906. How did they get her out? By prizing the door open with a crowbar. As soon as the tour guide said the word 'crowbar' we knew that was exactly what we heard. It sounded like a crowbar had been scraping along that wall towards the bedroom door. Throughout the entire tour we kept feeling cold spots where there were no windows, doors, vents or any real explanation, but hands down what we experienced and felt in Sarah Winchester's bedroom was unbelievable. After the tour the guide came over to talk with us and he was very excited about our experience. He shared some of his more memorable happenings with us and we were so glad that he didn't discount our experience!
03/13/15, 10:00PM at the Sarah Winchester Bedroom by Nicole Glass, Christopher Ady and Sandi Ady

I saw a girl standing there, wearing a black dress and just a second later she disappeared...
10/30/15, 12:00AM at the Grand Ballroom by Susan Rodriquez

While vacationing in Cali, I visiting the Winchester Mansion. I honestly went to take in the Beauty of the home. I've NEVER believed in hautings. Upon entering the "Seance Room" I could no longer hear the guide talking...her voice became muffled (the only way I can explain it is, like I was listening to someone talk while I was underwater or while wearing ear plugs) I became nauseous and my throat became really dry. It's truly one of the strangest experiences of my life. I know it sounds crazy but it's true.
10/26/15, 12:00AM at the Seance Room by Kentucky Visitor

While the tour guide was reading aloud the Shakespeare quotes, I heard a woman's voice say in a somewhat annoyed tone, "you're reading it wrong!" After the tour, I told my husband and interestingly enough, he'd had a similar experience. He didn't hear a voice, but had a strong feeling that the quotes were being read wrong.
10/31/14, 10:30PM at the Grand Ballroom by Kelly Serman

This is late. I didn't want people to think me odd. After reading others reports I realize it might just be okay. For My Birthday on the 13th, my husband surprised me with a flash light tour. I love Llanada Villa, visit it at least every five years. I was with my sons, the hubs and one of the sons - Gf -Sarah. We held back from the big tour group not enough to lag behind but just because I love the details of the place. I whispered to Sarah, "Sarah look at this! " And A very clear voice at the back of me, said," Yes, what is it? "My Sarah was way ahead of me and came back and said, "Cool isn't it?" It was the only thing she had said to me at the time. Later my camera failed outside as I filmed the building but only for a few frames. It returned to normal I kid you not but I lost 13 frames of pictures, completely blacked out. I was shooting the direction of the tower on zoom. It doesn't freak me out, Sarah Winchester and I have many things in common. I don't believe in spirits but my love for building matchs her own. We both lost our only daughters. Lived in the gossip of others misunderstanding I have never felt freaked out there, it feels very welcoming and understandably beautiful.
04/13/10, 12:00AM at the Sarah Winchester Bedroom by 13favoritethoughts

Went through the whole tour with our guide and felt fine. While in the Seance Room, I became very nauseous. It was to the point that I hurried my husband through the last part of the tour & bought a peppermint stick in the gift shop to settle my stomach. After about 20 minutes, I was fine. I was ok the rest of the day and longer.
11/24/13, 3:00PM at the Seance Room by strange stuff!!

i saw a crack in the wall through the mirror and saw no reflections of the tour in there and when i looked to see the crack it wasnt there. i asked my dad the next moring if saw it he said no but he did saw he didnt see the reflections of the people who were right in front of the mirror. strange but awesome i want to come back! also i felt as if someone was rubbing ice on my nose the whole tour must of just been the cold but i dont think it was.
12/28/12, 3:15PM at the Sarah Winchester Bedroom by frost star

when i was in her bedroom i saw sarah lieing on the bed crying i asked her whats wrong and she came over to me and whispered '' get out the spirets will get you'' i was so scared
12/27/12, 6:00PM at the Sarah Winchester Bedroom by haileyffy

05/23/12, 2:45PM at the Sarah Winchester Bedroom by Dsd

I took my two daughters (ages 11&8) here today. In the basement, my youngest daughter grabbed my hand and by the way she did, I knew somthing was wrong. "I HEAR A BABY CRYING " I looked down at her and told her that she's hearing things---- then we all heard the little baby cry! 36 year old man-- and I was spooked!
11/19/12, 12:00AM at the Basement by Scottg

today me my bro my sis in sarah's room and i went and i felt someone push when i looked back noone waz there and i heard a soft voice it said ''sorry honey'' i got so scared
11/12/12, 12:00PM at the Sarah Winchester Bedroom by alyssa

As I walked through the rest of the house, I felt fine, but once I came into the Seance room, I felt as if my body was all was really creepy. It felt evil. I dunno if I scared myself into feeling as if I were being repressed, but it creeped me out nonetheless.
11/03/12, 4:45AM at the Seance Room by Madame Cheshire

Me and my girlfriend where in the grand ballroom exploring the glass window with the writing on it. And she felt a cold breeze across the side of her face she turned around because she thought i touched her. But i was standing on the other side of the room. CREEPY!!
10/31/12, 10:30PM at the Grand Ballroom by Daniel

I saw a man in white overalls pushing a wheelbarrow full of coal. It was soo creepy. Then a lady fainted during the mansion tour. She said she felt dissy. I did to. I had read that it had happened other times. Best place ever. Defaiantly going again.
10/31/12, 4:30AM at the Basement by Belieber2103

I was 3 years old; was on a tour with my family. I have always been susceptible to spirits. My mother was humming a tune that id never heard before, and then I heard a piano, looked around and saw a pretty lady. Told my mom that she heard the pretty music, she stopped and asked me what I was talking about, the pretty lady made the music and you hear it. Our guide called her supervisor and he asked if my mom saw the lady, no and didn’t want to. I was only 3 & still remember that day!
05/04/94, 10:00AM at the Sarah Winchester Bedroom by edwardluver

i would luv to see this manison becuz i would want to see or head or be touched by a ghost my sister says she dont believe in ghosts well i do guess wut i told her? go to the winchester mytery house and ill see ur thoughts are wrong!
10/07/12, 12:00AM at the Other by fantageluver1230

It felt like Sarah was there with me the whole time. It was a friendly spirit, telling me interesting details about everything!!! It was a friendly voice too! It made me feel happy and at ease
10/03/12, 12:00AM at the Sarah Winchester Bedroom by Comingbackagain

At beginning of tour, just inside the doors, I had to take my earphones off because I became extremely hot. My face was beet red. Everyone else was comfortable. I continued the tour with my small earphones. I never did cool off until end of tour. Also, I have arthritis in my knees and commented that Sarah and I had something in common and I was appreciating the small steps. I had been having a good day, but not far into the tour I could barely walk. The pain was nearly intolerable. After leaving the house, most of the pain went away. All very strange.
09/23/12, 10:30AM at the Other by ginir

i was in the plant room and while the tour guid was talking i looked over and i saw a short shadow walk across the room quickly.
07/01/12, 6:45PM at the Other by cocobutter45

Nothing happened to my group, sadly. But, towards the end of our tour last Halloween, the group behind us began screaming. We thought it was part of the Fright Night or something because the tour guide left to go see what was wrong. So, we followed her and when she opened the door, the group and their guide ran out screaming! The tour guide lady herself said that all the doors had slammed shut and would not open and that all their flash lights refused to turn on. It was pretty scary! She refused to go back to work that night.
08/22/12, 12:45AM at the $25,000 Storeroom by Betty Salgado

When my sister and I went last year, both of us had ghostly moments. When my sister was is Sarah's bedroom, she saw a crack in the green wall through the mirror. Only, there was no crack in the wall and we weren't in the mirror. When I was in the room with the expensive glass window, I felt a cold hand pull at my hair and touch my shoulder. When I turned around, the closest person behind me was six feet away. I deffinately cannot wait to come back.
11/10/11, 7:15PM at the Other Location by maddie-the-tourguide

Me and my 2 best friends were walking past the shaft when my friend told me she heard a voice at the bottom if the shaft that she couldn't understand. But I told her I didn't hear anything. My friend was freaked out so much.
08/01/12, 12:00AM at the Other by soniapandaz

I was with my boyfriend when we wen't. When I got into Sarah's bedroom, I felt sick and dizzy... then I heard something like, I can't really say it exactaly but I think I heard Sarah say "Everything will be fine my darling, I will get you a cold rag. All of the sudden I was relieved. This experience was creepy. I will go back and find out what it was...
07/31/12, 2:30AM at the Sarah Winchester Bedroom by Kayla

I was on my kindle looking at the sigohtings and I was reading the hayloft stories and then Sarah's bedroom appeared to be the stories and I went back to the hayloft and it went back to Sarah's bedroom again ably 4 times and I looked over and swore I saw Sarah in my hallway ... freaked outt!
07/30/12, 12:00AM at the Other by creeped out

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